5 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. Two of the pictures for the flower beds are of the FRONT sign one from years before when the flower beds looked great.NOT from same year shame on you!Pretty bad you have to go that route because the beds this year and overall property looked so bad.


    • The beds are updated much more often than when we have professional photos taken. Hope you’ll have a chance to come out and see the knew fall colors for yourself. Have a wonderful day.


  2. Those beautification awards are given to any property that signs up to be judged. It’s really just about who you know not really about what the property looks like.The pictures of the flower beds look very bland and basic like their was not much creativeness or thought given,colors of flowers don’t really go together like amateurs did it .NO CREATIVENESS JUST AWFUL .YOU DON’T PUT FLOWERS THAT GROW TALLER IN FRONT OF SHORTER ONES JUST SHOWS SOMEONE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT THEY WERE DOING.


  3. You have someone that operates tractors on runway that has had multible seizers due to blood sugar dropping,she’s had six within a four month period. Its weird how her supervisors can keep her in a large tractor and potentially endanger peoples lives.Tractors when in cutting mode they get trottled up until operator throttles it back down and if the operator is unconscious due to her blood sugar bottoming out the tractor won’t stop until it hits something.You due the math.Her supervisor knows this she has a tube in her top left drawer,she’s protecting her,she’s already had an incident on a taxi way while escorting a contractor it was on one of the wiskey taxiways .thank you a concerned citizen.


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