Thank you for going Above & Beyond

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One of the great things the Port of Huntsville is known for is the level of Customer Service that all employees show on a regular basis.  At HSV, we may not always be the most competitive in airfare, but we are usually an easier and much more pleasant option than some of our larger competitors.

As a company, we have been blessed with fantastic employees and tenants who care about every guest who comes through our facilities.  In an effort to recognize and cultivate the organic customer service traits our employees already have (concern, compassion, pride, etc.) the Airport Authority created a Customer Service Program that includes three training sessions per year, a nomination process and an extensive incentive program.

Throughout our fiscal year, we continuously encourage employees and tenants to recognize their coworkers for going above and beyond their normal duties.  We owe it to each other to give that pat on the back and acknowledge each other when we make a positive difference in the customer’s experience.

Yesterday was our Annual Customer Service Awards Breakfast, where we honored and thanked all of the personnel who had shown fabulous customer service during the past fiscal year.  All of the people who had been nominated throughout the year were entered into a drawing for a grand prize trip to anywhere in the world from HSV!  Those who had submitted nominations and put forth the effort to recognize their coworkers were entered into a separate drawing.

Congratulations to Shonekea for winning the Airport Employee Grand Prize Drawing and to Elizabeth for winning the Dedrick Miller Tenant Grand Prize Drawing!  The Airport Authority appreciates all of the hard work and effort that everyone at the Port puts into providing great customer service and we look forward to all of the positive actions everyone makes in this new fiscal year!



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