National Transportation Week: HSV Moves You

Huntsville International Airport is the largest commercial airport in North Alabama, serving more than 1.2 million passengers annually.  HSV is known throughout its 18-county service region for outstanding customer service, state-of-the-art technology and convenience.  Unlike larger metropolitan areas, the airspace at HSV is uncongested and allows for faster landing and take-off times.

At HSV, we have nonstop service to nine destinations, including: Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston and two airports in Washington D.C. – Dulles and National. The airport is quick and easy to navigate, and very convenient to all the attractions and businesses located in North Alabama. Major capital improvements to the baggage claim area, parking deck, public waiting, security check-in and Four Points by Sheraton Hotel – all help to make the traveler’s experience at HSV more enjoyable.

Furthering the effort to enhance our passenger’s experience, we created the Huntsville Hot Ticket program in order to help with the airfare in and out of HSV.  We are a heavily traveled business market which causes last minute airfare to be higher than other markets.  Recognizing this, we pay an in-house travel agency to work as your travel agent.  If you call them at 256.258.1944, they will find you the lowest fare, work for you as your travel agent, but they will bill us for their services.  You can find more information about the Huntsville Hot Ticket program at

Additionally, Huntsville International Airport strives to stay in the forefront of aviation technology.  In 2015, HSV became the first airport in the southeast to begin incorporating glass jet bridges.  A jet bridge is the passenger’s first or final experience at an airport.  More technology helping passengers at HSV is the electronic boarding pass.  Accepted by all airlines, as well as at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening checkpoint at HSV, electronic boarding passes allow passengers to check-in with their smart phones, eliminating the need for paper tickets.   This technology validates the authenticity of the boarding passes of airline passengers while also heightening the ability to detect fraudulent boarding passes, improving customer service and reducing paper use.

flyhsv_instagramshare_2016At HSV, we are dedicated to serving the passengers who are arriving in and departing from Madison County.  This region, that we are proud to call home, draws in huge numbers of both business people and tourists alike.  We see people from all walks of life and from all over the world who come through the airport and we always strive to make a positive and lasting impression on them.  When travelers fly through HSV, our airport is the first and last glimpse of Huntsville, Alabama they have and it is our goal to make that glimpse a memorable one.  Fly Smart.  Fly HSV.


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