Celebrating National Transportation Week


In 2015, President Barack Obama said, “In a 21st-century economy, businesses set up shop wherever they can find the best roads and bridges, the fastest rail and Internet, and the most reliable airports and power grids. This week, let us continue our work to build the best transportation systems possible and recommit to investing in our infrastructure in a way that will keep our economy growing — not just for the next few years, but for generations to come.”


Here at the Port of Huntsville, we are especially grateful for the recognition given to the transportation industry.  From commercial-air passenger transportation to cargo transportation, we are surrounded daily by facility operations, maintenance crews, equipment and technology that all work together to ensure the transportation system and infrastructure in Madison County functions properly.  As president Obama referenced, it is because of these reliable systems, including roadways and waterways, which entice businesses to move to our community and stimulate our economy.


In 1962, Congress designated National Transportation Week to include the whole week within which National Defense Transportation Day falls.  During this week, people are urged to recognize the importance of the country’s transportation system and the maintenance of its facilities to serve the needs of the United States in times of peace and in national defense.


On April 7, 2016, Chairman Dale Strong issued a National Transportation Week Proclamation that outlined the importance of the transportation system to Madison County.


 “Madison County’s growth and improvements in transportation, including highways, airports and the Tennessee River waterway, have furthered the success of our area over the past several decades,” stated Madison County Commission Chairman Dale W. Strong.  “I am thankful for the citizens of Madison County who go to work every day to make improvements in motor vehicle, airplane and space travel.  And I will be forever grateful to those who led the way to plan, build, maintain and safeguard our transportation systems; with their eyes towards the future.”


 This week, please pay special attention to those who work in the transportation industry.  Think about all of the different ways that transportation affects your way of life, not only in travel but in all aspects of day-to-day living.  Thank you for supporting the Port of Huntsville.  We are so proud to be able to provide our services to Madison County and the surrounding areas.  #TransportationWeek

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